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Web Cam Page Design Case Study

click here to view the live web cam page of Seaside Heights TourismDesign Challenge: An Inviting Web Camera Page

Seaside Heights Tourism in New Jersey knew that if people saw their beach and boardwalk, people would want to come visit.

The tourism department was looking to promote their live web cameras to tourists and local businesses and 2D Graphics worked in collaboration with Netcetra to create a webcam page called the seacam.

Recommendation for Web Cam Design

2D Graphics recommended a fun, cartoon like web page with portals for the two web cameras with minimal text and just a few links to get to the main tourism website.

When the tourism department looked to add advertising to the page, a traditional advertising sea plane was created to move across the web page and show ads. The perimeter of the web page was used for additional advertising and as well as an easy way to share the web code.

Result - A Popular Web Cam Page Viewed by MANY

The result to the right speaks for itself. However it has become THE most popular page of Seaside Heights Tourism


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