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Click below to advance to information on the service you are interested in or just scroll and read the whole page for a general outline of graphic services that we offer:

Here is a summary of the many design services that we offer, as well as some pricing information. Our rate for basic* web site design is $350 to set up the site with a home page (color theme, buttons and links), and the typical utility pages: About, Contact, Services, then an extra charge for more complex work or extra pages, depending on the amount of content needed per page. Please call for more details and to discuss your web site design.

* Basic web sites at this rate are only minimal web presence and will consist of your scanned corporate logo on the home page, development of menu, navigation system, and basic text content.
What is not included in the basic setup are things like: custom graphics, logo design, animated graphics, JavaScript menus or mouse-over graphics, complex interface design, etc. ... please call to discuss your web site project in full detail.

If you need a more "customized" web site, please call 2D Graphics at 732-602-4006 or email us at for a written estimate. Spare no details if possible. We will return a quote to you within two days.
Put "web site design" as the subject line of your e-mail. Be sure to include your telephone number and e-mail address (very important).

We will also help you register your URL "dot com" (domain name) and provide web hosting services.

Getting a Project Started:
After you send a request by e-mail, we will get back to you within a day or two (via e-mail). If more information is needed to give you an accurate quote, you will be notified.

Click in the list above to advance to information on the service you are interested in or just scroll and read the whole page for a general outline of graphic services offered by 2D Graphics!

Web Design

Web site designs with creative graphics are what we like to do the most. You might want a totally new site or a site redesign. Your project will be handled professionally. Pricing on web design is based on the number of hours spent on your site. Before you get an estimate of cost, we need to know 3 things about your future site: the number of pages it will have, the complexity level, and if you require any special features:

1. Amount of Pages - The price of your web site will largely be determined by the number of pages that you want. There is a big difference between a 2 page web site and a 222 page site. Also, pages that contain mostly text are, of course, much easier to design than pages with graphics. Indicate this, as well.

2. Level of Complexity - How do you imagine your web site to look? Do you want it to be fast-loading (mostly text), or a colorful, multimedia site with interactive icons and animation throughout? A good thing for you to do is list some web sites that are your favorites, or ones that have a style that you'd like to emulate. This will help us better understand what you are going for and we can give a more accurate quote.

All web sites are put into 3 categories (Basic, Medium and Extreme). Basic sites are mostly text and have simple graphics. Medium sites include some custom graphics and interactivity. Extreme or "advanced" sites are more involved, with custom graphics, animation, interactive menus and other complex features ... this would be the best idea for a more professional look and hi-tech public image.

3. Other Requirements - If you need special features such as a site search and listing with Yahoo! and other search engines, 3D animation, Flash movies, special buttons, mouse rollovers, backgrounds, sound files, banners and other small web "elements" to suit your web site "theme", etc. ... Be sure and let us know. Though these items can affect the price greatly, they are by no means discouraged and can add a special originality to your web site in a World Wide Web of mediocrity!

Custom Elements
All web designs and themes are custom made here at 2D Graphics, but sometimes you may want to go that extra step to have your site be more original than your competitor.

This can be achieved with one-of-a-kind gif animation rollover buttons or Flash buttons.

Full Flash animations on your home page will be based on the complexity of each individual movie. Every movie requires its own special concentration of creativity.

please call for pricing.

Web Banners
Banners ... (those advertisements you see across the tops of most web sites you visit) ... can easily be done for your business, and a great looking banner always gets clicked on more than an uninteresting one.

Getting your banner registered with the right advertising sites may take a little more work and may require certain registration fees.

Please call or email us to outline the prices and potential
for your web site design.

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Logo Design

Everyone needs a logo ... some kind of symbol that shows the world your personal identity ... from the largest of corporations (big business) right down to the sole graffiti artist (monkey business) ... 2D can design your business logo no matter what your budget.

There are many styles of logos. From simple to one-of-a-kind complex, 2D Graphics can assist you in achieving the perfect logo for your company.

Basic Logo: a "type treatment" is applied to a unique font. Usually 1 or 2 colors. Call
Medium Logo: an icon or simple graphic is created that can be associated with the name of your company.
Extreme Logo: These logos involve a custom graphic/illustration. Several designs will be presented depending on the type of logo requested.

If you already have a logo designed, but you just want it animated for your web site, or if you want it "modernized", we can assist you with this.


There are 2 varieties of “Art” ...

Commercial Art for Printing:
brochures, letterheads, business cards, posters, flyers, newspaper advertising, notepads, rolodex cards, labels, invoices, etc.
(you get the picture!) ... and ...

Fine Art for Art's sake:
air brush, oil painting, watercolors, colored pencil, ink, murals, etc. (you hang the picture!)

... and 2D Graphics can handle it all!
check out some cool caricatures!

We specialize in caricatures, or as we call them "glorified cartoons". But any style of artistic rendering you need can be easily handled by 2D Graphics: product rendering, photo-collage, spot illustrations, specialized clip art, book illustrations, advertising signs, as well as mural painting for kids' rooms, decorative interior design or store displays.

All can be done in a variety of mediums including pencil (colored or graphite), ink (black or color wash), air brush, oil or acrylic paint, crayon, spackle, etc.

Check out samples of our work at the "Art Rack"

Prices can vary from $35.00 for the simple quick line art sketch to $500.00+ for a much more detailed airbrush or color drawing.
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Other Services

T-shirt graphics, signs, animation, package design, personal drawings and caricatures ...

2D Graphics has worked with hundreds of clients since 1983 to achieve these designs, as well as the logos and web sites that we specialize in. With the past experience in creating imaginative graphics and art pieces, combined with web page design, we are confident that you will be more than pleased with what can be done with your existing or upcoming project.

Several pages of samples have been prepared pertaining to much of the work described above. If you haven't done so already, take a minute to click on the appropriate links at the bottom of this page, and look at some of the jobs that 2D Graphics has created.

Art and being creative is what we're all about. It would be a pleasure to create something unique for you or your company. 

just e-mail 2D Graphics at and give all the details and we will get back to you on a quote. Please put "web site design" or "caricature" or something similar as the subject line of your e-mail Thanks.

Thanks for the opportunity to quote on your graphics needs ... we look forward to working with you.
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